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Cllr Mike Underwood

Mike and his wife Joyce have lived in Chudleigh for over 30 years during which time they have been actively working in the community. Mike has served on the CCP (past Chair) the Primary School Governing body (past Chair), founder member of the History Group, founder member of Chudfest, Chair of the Parish and Master Plan teams, instigator of the market, trustee of the Sports Centre and director of the newly formed Chudleigh Community Interest Company.

Elected a Town Councillor two years ago, Mike is chair of the Town Enhancement Committee, a member of the Planning Committee, the Town Hall and Finance Committee and served as Deputy Mayor last year, working closely with retiring Mayor and District Councillor Richard Keeling.

As chair of the Town Enhancement Committee, Mike has a special responsibility for delivering the Chudleigh Neighbourhood Development Plan and is particularly pleased with the response of residents not only taking active roles in preparing the plan, but also turning out in droves to view the recent exhibition, adding their thoughts and suggestions. The NDP is a fairly long and detailed process, but hopes are high to deliver the final plan within the coming year.

Chudleigh now has an emergency night landing site for Devon Air Ambulance and Mike would like to publically thank the Sports Committee, in particular the Football Club, and the Town Council for working with him to make this happen.

Another project to be formally announced shortly is the introduction of a natural burial site in Chudleigh to be located in a quiet and screened off corner of the cemetery. Ratified in principle by full council, the project is under committee scrutiny, and hopefully will very soon create the provision for sensitive and alternate burials within the parish.

Mike would like to thank his councillor colleagues for the opportunity of serving as Mayor and through this role, Mike wishes to use his experience to further serve Chudleigh. He is particularly keen to influence the impact of local government for the benefit of residents of all ages. As the town expands and develops into the changing world, there is much work to be done to ensure that Chudleigh retains its “Village” or “Market Town” character built up over 1,000 years and we continue to be a sustainable community.

Mike’s chosen charities for his mayoral year will be the Devon Ait Ambulance and the 1st Chudleigh Scout Group.

Cllr Clare Lillington

Clare has lived in Chudleigh for 35 years and is the mother of 4 children, all of whom have attended Chudleigh Primary and Teign Schools. She works in an accountancy practice in Newton Abbot. She and husband David enjoy the outdoor life whether gardening or walking the moors.

She was co-opted to the Town Council in 2012 and elected in 2015. She is currently chair of the Town Hall & Finance committee and believes she has a duty to ensure both the facilities and finances are managed for the benefit of all the residents of Chudleigh.

Clare is currently Churchwarden and member of the Parish Church, is chair of the Twinning Association, a trustee of the Pynsent Trust offering grants to students and a director of the Chudleigh Community Interest Company.

Chudleigh is a warm, welcoming vibrant community and Clare wants to keep it so for the future. There is much going on and we need to build on that for the next generation.

Clare thanks those who voted for her as deputy mayor, and looks forward to the coming year on the council working together with her fellow councilors.